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Ken Deutsch who is the CEO of Deutsch Realty says hiring the right agent makes all the difference. Mr. Deutsch has an in-depth knowledge of real estate. His expertise in real estate, combined with a deep understanding of transactions and representation of both buyers and sellers, has given Mr. Deutsch a unique insight in representation. He is able to approach and deal with complex situations from both practical and business points of view, and often sees opportunities and potential problems that others overlook. Mr. Deutsch says that you should not be only concerned with today's market data. Ken extrapolates various forms of empirical data, which makes it even more complicated only to serve his clients better. Identifying people's personalities, lifestyles and financial capabilities is essential in today's marketplace. Implementing buyer-seller strategies that are impervious to ups and downs of the economy and the real estate market is something that comes natural to Mr. Deutsch. Over the years he has consulted with many developers as to the product mix, size and marketing to maximize profits. Ken was an early pioneer in buying the second condominium in New York and many more in the same buildings such as Manhattan Place, Corinthian, Savoy, Saratoga, Hampton House, Zecondorf Towers, and more. Much of these properties were $150 to $300 a foot. Kens colleagues said he was overpaying! Mr. Deutsch was also fortunate to play in the US tennis open qualifiers in 1973. Ken grew up on the west side of Manhattan and attended the Baldwin school on 74th st. Ken's negotiating skill set is appreciated by all his clients, either on the buy side or sell side. With 40 years of real estate experience and has performed with exceptional integrity, honesty and great ethic. Deutsch realty model, is that we are a boutique family that treats everyone like family.

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